Supplement FAQs

Wizard Nutrition products have been crafted for those looking for an optimized stimulant experience, and we stand by the quality of our formulas. If you don’t feel the effects from the first serve, we’re happy for you to return the product for your money back.

Yes. Thunderstorm has been designed with a synergistic ingredient profile rather than relying on excessive caffeine to get you through your workout. This means it is fine to take Thunderstorm prior to your workout in the evening if you have taken Fireblast in the morning. If you train in the mornings and want to use both, we’d recommend taking the Fireblast in the early afternoon, allowing a gap after lunch for your meal to digest.

Fireblast has been formulated to allow you to vary the dose depending on your tolerance. We’d recommend starting with 1 scoop, and once your tolerance has been established you can stick with 1 scoop, take 1 scoop twice daily (morning and afternoon), or take 2 scoops at once.Do not exceed 3 scoops per day.


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